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A Heist During A Hunt
Players: 3-6

Vibe: Playful w/ Twists & Turns
CW/TW: Some Animal Abuse.

The Governor of Broad Meadows's first born child has been killed by a wild beast. This beast has been terrorizing the region for months but the Governor has done very little about it before it hit home. Now he's hosting a hunting festival with a big cash prize he's hoping to incentivize professionals with.

Your party has come to town to steal the prize from his manor while everyone's attention is elsewhere.


Witless Protection

New Life. New Home. New Problems.

Players: 4-6
Vibe: Mystery w/ Noir Energy

CW/TW: Spied On. Manipulation.

The players are a group of whistle blowers against a corporation for their unethical research practices. The agency working to execute the charges against them has decided you need to be placed into witness protection to avoid reprisals. You've been dropped in a small city under the new identity of being a failing band off a failed tour.


Your only instructions were "try to blend in" and "stick to your story". But you immediately start to notice odd behaviors and aspects of this place. Something is very wrong.

Killer tofu.png

Killer Tofu

Cleaning House

Players: 5-6

Vibe: Battle Royaley. Campy.

CW/TW: Lots of Murder

A crime syndicate has risen to the point where they've become a legitimate industrial presence. They're cutting the ribbon on a new state of the art prison facility of their own design and have "invited" all affiliates under their purview to participate in a preview.


They've also decided this is a great time to get ride of the echoes of their illegitimacy. There is a large cash prize hidden somewhere in the prison, but only the last three alive will be allowed to leave.

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Gloom Cell

Locked In but Not Alone

Players: 3-7

Vibe: Trapped. Impending Doom.

CW/TW: Existential Dread. Anxiety

It's a quite afternoon at a local pub. You're all there for your own reasons to unwind. A few other folks are around. Suddenly you hear panic from outside. A few people burst in and slam the door behind them, holding it closed.

Before any of you can ask what is going on the windows go pitch black. But you can hear movement outside. A knock. A Scratch. Then a scream.

Good luck.



Strangers and Secrets are Trouble
Players: 3-5

Vibe: Isolated w/ Impending Doom.

CW/TW: Kidnapping. Cults.

An impending storm has forced you each to seek shelter for the night. You find your way to Potluck, an isolated hotel that straddles the border between two realms, rumored to have vague applications of law and order as a result. You are not alone. And everyone here seems to be harboring a secret. One of which can get you all killed.

The players are individual agents. Not a party. Survive the night.


Star Blight

Ambush Avoided. But This Is Worse

Players: 4-6

Vibe: Horror w/ Infection Threat

CW/TW: Body Horror. Existential. 

You and a few strangers have booked passage on a passenger coach. The driver is to bring you across the Shard Wastes in relative safety. You travel through the night and just before dawn the coach has to stop due to damage.

It is quickly discovered that a massacre has taken place nearby. From the evidence gathered it looks like they might have been laying in wait to ambush a transport.

Stranded and running on limited resources... can you make it till morning.


Dinner Theater

A night of make believe. Right?

Players: 3-5

Vibe: Misadventure. Intrigue.

CW/TW: Campy Violence. Very Light

You've all been invited to Warehouse 331 by an old friend with the promise of being the first to experience an Interactive Theatre event with dinner included.

Let to your own devices for the meal the fun and games start sooner than you expected when a wounded woman kicks the door in with a bound and gagged man in tow and throws him to the ground near you telling you "I've done as much as I can. I'm hurt bad... need to get patched up. You're going to have to get him the rest of the way to the safe house without me."

Rising Dough.png

Rising Dough

Get the Book. Stop the Rise.

Players: 3-5

Vibe: Campy Horror.

CW/TW: Zombies. Ghouls. Etc.

An isolated temple has put out a call for adventurers that are "Pure of Heart" to help retrieve a magic tome needed to stop the persistently encroaching zombie threat. You just have to go into the graveyard, say the right words, and bring the book back.


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