• Shaded Areas

Mindbender Bow (and Arrows)

Bow (Legendary)

Range is 150/600 ft

Deals 1d8 + INT or DEX mod (psychic)

+3 to Attack/Damage

Upon rolling a 19 or 20 on your attack, you may spend one of two charges (which replenish at dawn). If you do, all creatures within 10ft of the intended target make a DC15 WIS saving throw. Each creature that fails is Stunned until your next turn begins. Normal damage still applies to the intended target.

If you roll a 1 you suffer disadvantage on INT or WIS saves for 3 rounds.

When you succeed on an attack with this weapon, you may choose to channel more psychic energy into the attack. If so to deal an additional 2d6 points of psychic damage. You many use this feature a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier, regaining all uses on a long rest.

Arrows (Rare)

Adds 2d6 additional psychic damage to assigned bow damage.

When using these arrows you may use your INT modifier instead of your DEX modifier as your attack and damage modifiers


In a darker time a brave weaponsmith ventured into questionable territory to claim special materials. All she got was enslaved by a cruel drow family. Spending years in the underdark, her only light coming from the forge she worked, she listened and learned much of drow magics and arcane methods. With no distractions she advanced quickly at her attempts to blend these talents with her own skills. One fateful night a hunting party returned with a brood of mindflayer bodies and she immediately called for one of the family elders and explained that she could use the mindflayer carcasses to harness their innate psionic powers to create weapons of twisted purpose. She was granted the corpses and they watched in the dark as she fought her way through the latent psionic bleed and felt her way through skinning, rending, carving, and twisting all the parts of these creatures she could suffer. In the end as the witnessing drow applauded her success at creating a bow and arrows from mindflayer parts, she sent the arrows towards those sounds and killed her way back above ground and threw the disgusting weapon and ammunition back into the darkness behind her hopefully to never have to see the world above. Though clearly she failed in burying her success as you hold it now. As you check the string's tension you can occasionally feel the cries in undercommon far in the back of your thoughts.